About Michael Hector

About Michael Hector

Michael lives in Lake Macquarie NSW. He has a solid sporting background and has always lived a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Michael has the unique ability to adapt quickly to any challenge that presents itself and his commitment level is second to none.

Michael is self employed and operates two successful businesses in Newcastle NSW with business partner Shane White. He has always been very family orientated and has strong family values. He is a very level headed and well rounded person who has been reflected in his personal life, sporting achievements and his business operations. Michael is committed to achieving his goals and believes you can achieve anything with the right attitude and commitment. Michael firmly believes that everything he does “off the track”, directly relates to how he performs “on the track”. Michael has achieved great heights through out his sporting career and still strives to achieve.

Michael Hector's Gulf Western Oil Falcon

Michael Hector’s Gulf Western Oil Falcon

Car Profile

Make & Model Ford Falcon FG
Car number 60
Engineer Matt Stone Racing
Car History Stone Brothers Racing, Chassis, SBR FG01
Year Built 2010

Make and Model

SBR Ford Falcon FG-01


SBR 5-Litre Ford

Estimated Power

650+ BHP


Hollinger 6-speed Sequential


Ford 9-inch


AP-Racing Carbon


SBR designed double wishbone front end and SBR designed 4-link rear end


Alcon 6-pot front, Alcon 4-pot rear


Oz Racing 16 spoke 17x10inch



Fuel Capacity


Vehicle Weight

1355kg without fuel or driver

Top Speed


0-100 km/h

3.2 Seconds

2013 V8 Townsville

2013 V8 Townsville